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Update 6: Server Migration

It looks like we are gold, everything seems to be functioning as it should. We are closing this upgrade as being completed.

Update 5: Server Migration

It looks like everything has been moved. There might be a glitch or two, so for the next few hours we will be beating and banging on every site to ensure that everything is good. But first, it is time for dinner.

Update 4: Server Migration

The migration is back on track, well, let's just say that it stopped choking on the 30Gb plug of emails that some users have in their accounts. I have an email storage file on my laptop that dates back some 15 years and that is…

Update 3: New Server Migration

The migration is taking a long time to complete. If you need to update your site, please reach out to us directly before doing anything.

Update 2: Server Migration

Things are starting to slow down for the migration, it is going to take a little longer than expected.

Update: Server Migration

We ran into a small snag on a few sites, those sites are needing to be remigrated to the new server. We will post an update once that is complete. Please refrain from updating websites until we give the go ahead.

New Server Migration

We started a few minutes later than expected but at this point, the server migration is going well. We will update if there is a problem or when we are done. Have a great evening everyone!

The New Server – Hardware

We have been attempting to replace the server and the software that runs the web services for some time. It has been one hell of a bumpy ride. The first server shipped the entirely wrong server that we ordered, RMA time! The second server arrived…

New Server

New Server It has been a very bumpy ride, but we are finally at the point where we can announce that the new server is ready. A few months ago, we started down the road to replacing our aging servers. The plan was to have…

Dixie is back up and running

We are not sure the cause as of this time, but it looks like exim (the software that operates the email server) needed to be reinstalled and restarted. Once we did that it was back up and running. All email that was sent while it…